NCache 3.6

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
NCache 3.6 from Alachisoft is a distributed cache for .NET intended to boost performance and scalability in enterprise .NET applications through object caching and ASP.NET Session State storage.

The latest version has object tagging, object versioning, Windows PowerShell integration and is available in a new Professional Edition. The cache supports a range of mechanisms including Mirrored, Replicated, Partitioned, Partition-Replica, and Client Cache topologies. The new tagging feature makes it possible to associate one or more tags with cache items for logical grouping of the items. It also makes searching for items easier since a query can be performed based on these tags in order to locate items in cache. A distributed locking mechanism (pessimistic/optimistic) helps maintain a cache item version for each item residing within the cache. Windows PowerShell integration now provides easy deployment and management of the cache on the network.

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