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This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
MailBee.NET Objects 1.0 is a suite of .NET components, which enable your desktop, console, or ASP.NET application to create, send, receive, parse, and process email messages reliably and securely on SMTP and POP3 servers. It includes support for complex mail scenarios, e.g. sending large volumes of mails with multiple SMTP and DNS servers, and it has error handling and logging capabilities. It can also use pipelining to boost conversation speeds with mail servers, and can send mail directly to the recipient’s mail server using DNS MX lookup.

MailBee.NET Objects combines SMTP Object, POP3 Object and MailMessage Object in a single package under a common licence. The licence grants you a royalty-free distribution of your application. The components are written in 100% managed C# code and can be used in desktop, console, and ASP.NET applications developed in any .NET programming language. A trial download is available from AfterLogic.

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