Hints emerge for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Microsoft has started to give some indication of what we can expect in the next version of our favourite programming environment. The big news seems to be ALM – Application Lifecycle Management – and not core changes to the system. At the moment the publicity is making it seem more like an announcement of Visual Studio Team System 2010. A stated aim is to make ALM more democratic and involve people outside the developer world – managers, testers, designers, etc. It seems that Microsoft’s SOA platform, codenamed Oslo, is going to play a big role in offering us model-based programming tools. Improvements in the WCF and Workflow subsystems will be required in .NET 4.0 to support these developments. Better testing and debugging are also going to feature, with the inclusion of a “blackbox” module that will take a live record of a testing session to make it easier to find out what happened.

At the same time as news of VS 2010 started to circulate, Steve Ballmer let slip that Microsoft was working on a “cloud centric” OS. This should make it possible to write an application and run it on remote “cloud” based machines. The first version of “Windows Cloud” will probably need you to use a Microsoft machine centre, but later versions will target third party centres. An announcement concerning Office for the web is expected soon. Clearly with the imminent first beta of Windows 7, the new version of .NET needs tools to help with the new OSs.

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