Dundas Chart with Scorecard extension

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The new release of Dundas Chart for .NET features Silverlight extensibility as well as more chart types and new helper add-ons.

Version 7’s Silverlight add-on provides a wrapper for letting you use a new or existing chart project in Silverlight applications with all the interactive ASP.NET features are retained and even enhanced, including real-time charting, advanced tooltips for images and text, drill down, annotations and full hit testing.

The Scorecard extension is a new data visualisation control that enables you to create a balanced scorecard with bullet graphs or track inventory in a detailed grid. The fully integrated multifunctional scorecard control helps you create complex grid-based data visualisations with bullet graphs, progress bars, spark lines/columns/areas and more.

The new Pie Plus chart type has seven additional drawing styles – convex, shimmer, bevel wedge, light source, outline, inverse outline and crescent – for visualisation versatility while the new Contour chart lets you convert any series into a contour map. Another chart type requested by Dundas customers, the Tree Map custom chart type, shows any two metrics at once, using both size and colour and the new Colored Area chart types let you colour a range in Area, Spline Area, Range and Spline Range charts, based on X values. Other new chart types are the Wafer Map, a Timeline for viewing event data and a Cycle plot add-on that lets you visualise data from similar time periods and compare them together in an easily understandable way (i.e. compare every February for the last 10 years, compare every Tuesday for the year, etc). Additional new features in v7.0 include Pair Bar Helper, Horizontal Box Plot Helper, Threshold Line Helper Add-on, Global Font Add-on, Stacked Pareto Helper and Circular Chart Paint Helper.

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