New controls for Silverlight and .NET

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Infragistics has released two Community Technology Preview (CTP) user interface components for Microsoft Silverlight beta 2, which enable developers to turn data into information dashboards.

The chart control includes 28 chart types that cover the most common and challenging business scenarios such as forecasting, trend analysis and reporting. Developers can style the charts using data templates to give them a professionally designed appearance. Gauges are also an important element in data visualisation for panel-like display of data. The gauge CTP enables developers to design dashboard-driven applications and display data in new, intuitive ways.

New controls are also introduced in NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 Volume 2. ASP.NET developers will welcome the new WebSlider, a light-weight slider (aka TrackBar) control designed to enable them to add another familiar element to their application. Shaping data for display in a hierarchical user interface can often present significant challenges. The new WebHierachicalDataSource control aims to simplify this by offering the developer a control which uses the familiar data source control pattern and allows them to construct complex hierarchical data views from standard flat data sources such as the SqlDataSource or the ObjectDataSource. The Windows Forms toolbox includes new styles which offer the visual enhancements of Visual Studio 2008, including a preview window that greatly improves the visual fidelity and experience of the application.

With the newest customisation features, such as the TreeMap and DataGrid enhancements, developers have more control over the development of the user experience in their applications. To save developers time writing validation logic, Infragistics has added a Validator management component which greatly reduces the time to develop any application that deals with data input. TestAdvantage 2008 Volume 2 will have full parity with NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2008.2, enabling automated testing of the user interface, allowing testers to fully regression test Windows Forms applications with user interfaces developed using Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms controls.

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