New Dundas Chart

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Chart for .NET v.6.0, available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms editions, extends the feature set of Dundas’ charting technology which began in 2002. Highlights include a new chart type, Rose Chart, and eleven additional colour palettes, plus support for multiple axes, which allows for greater control and flexibility when dealing with data. Other features include the implementation of horizontal error bars, the ability to customise the property dialog title, a new ArrowsType attribute and much more. Another addition, Chart Builder, is an editing tool that can be used by non-technical customers like senior managers to create charts/templates and then pass the results along to their developers.

Also recently released, Dundas Gauge for SharePoint provides gauges, dials and knobs, complete with data analysis abilities. It can be used to represent data that simply can’t be shown effectively in a chart format, and is particularly beneficial when creating collaborative interactive dashboard applications. Key features include fully AJAX-enabled gauges (for updating a gauge at the client without postbacks), a new callback manager (for executing JavaScript on the client without refreshing the entire page), an assortment of 2D/3D frame styles and other customisation capabilities. It also includes a property browser, allowing users to modify nearly all the properties.

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