Qt Creator 2.2 Beta released

The latest version of the Qt Creator 2.2 cross-platform IDE for GUI and application development has been released to beta. Despite a series of apparently misreported accounts concerning Nokia’s intentions for Qt under its new agreement with Digia to sell Qt commercial licenses, the company appears to be pushing out product updates on a normal basis.

According to the company, Qt Creator 2.2 contains some big (beta) fixes to Qt Creator 2.1, as well also some new features designed to try and make Qt Creator a stronger and more flexible IDE. Among these new functions is enhanced QML support in the form of specific enhancements for textual QML editing.

Qt is also claiming to have made debugging improvements. For example, the CDB engine in Qt Creator 2.2 now allows 32-bit and 64-bit applications to be debugged separately. Mixed QML/C++ debugging also got what the Qt development team is calling ‘a big update’.

According to the Qt developer blog, “There is lots more is under the hood in Qt Creator 2.2, like improved external tool integration, manual toolchain configuration and the option of changing or adding MIME type definitions, which allows users to use different source or header file extensions.”

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