Get a Glimpse inside your ASP.NET MVC applications

Web developers familiar with the Firebug plugin for Firefox (and the Chrome web inspector) will be well aware of the value that they can add when trying to figure out what’s going on in a web application. Now there’s a way of inspecting how your ASP.NET MVC 3 applications are working on the server side when requests are made, using a tool called Glimpse.

Glimpse is comprised of a server-side and client side component. The server side component currently only supports ASP.NET MVC 3. Data about the request – everything from application settings to route, session data and more – is stored up on the server then sent to the client alongside the response data. This data is then rendered by the JavaScript client that runs in a browser, allowing you to inspect trace data and other information to really dive deeply into the way your web application is working.

Glimpse is a software architecture designed to be extensible and allow its features to be useful not only in ASP.NET MVC applications (which it currently supports) but also PHP, Ruby and Node.JS applications in the future. The extensibility is built in from the ground up with a plugin architecture that will allow anybody to write their own extensions for it and make it work with their choice of language and framework.

Try out Glimpse by downloading it from their website.

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