Azure pricing adjusted again, free inbound data arrives

Microsoft are pushing to get even more developers, applications, and enterprises by yet again reducing the pricing for their Windows Azure platform.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced a slew of pricing adjustments to the Azure platform, meaning that much more powerful instances were free until the end of this month.

The major overhaul on this occasion is that all inbound data to the Azure platform will now be free. Previously this had been charged at varying rates at peak and off peak periods. This gives developers all kinds of options for expanding applications - bringing in data intensive data streams such as the Twitter firehose and high data rates to the cloud platform is a much more viable option.

This change shows that Microsoft is still very much experimenting with it's cloud pricing strategy. Amazon and Google, whose services have been running for longer and charging for longer, have had more stable pricing policies. Hopefully Microsoft will settle on a pricing model that works for them and developers soon.

There's more on the pricing change on the Azure blog.

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