CentOS 6.0 arrives as RHEL and Oracle Linux move to 6.1

CentOS, the open-source redistribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, has finally made the move to version 6.0.

CentOS is an extremely popular distribution used on many servers from startup to enterprise. This is for many reasons, foremost that it is open source and maintained by a community; it is also based on the extremely well regarded Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which provides sources for free but charges for software builds. CentOS competes with Oracle Linux – a similar clone of RHEL – but is favoured among open-source enthusiasts as it is not bundled with Oracle’s Unbreakable Kernel, a modified Linux kernel that does not fully support RHEL software.

The race is now on for the CentOS team to move to version 6.1 – RHEL and Oracle Linux both already have releases of version 6.1 out, and there are numerous upgrades in place which make it a favourable position to move to.

The CentOS team does not recommend upgrading to 6.0, starting instead with a fresh install over CentOS versions 4 and 5. They also recommend substantial RAM and processing availability to take full advantage of the deployment UI, however larger service providers will of course prefer to utilise Kickstart configurations to automate the installation process.

Downloads of CentOS 6 are available from mirrors listed on the website or the repositories.

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