Robotics Developer Studio supports .NET 4, Kinect SDK 2

Microsoft has released an update to its Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta, and among a fair few new features to the system since the last Beta in September, it includes support for the brand new Kinect for Windows SDK.

“There has been tremendous excitement with Microsoft Kinect within the robotics space signaling the potential opportunities that exist in transforming robots to low-cost mainstream consumer devices” wrote the team. “With support from the Kinect sensor, [Robotics Studio] aims to make it easier for developers to build applications, including those directed at personal robotics and consumer scenarios, both in hardware and in simulation.”

US-based Parallax Inc. has produced a pre-order prototype for the reference platform for standardised Kinect-based robots. Despite all the intentions about making robotics “mainstream”, the device costs an astonishing $1,249 unassembled and without the required laptop, Kinect, and wireless remote – that’s not a very mainstream price and USP from where I’m sitting.

As well as Kinect support, there is also now support for .NET 4 (finally!), XNA Game Studio 4 and Visual Studio 2010. Other changes include better docs and a few bug fixes, and updates to logging and obstacle avoidance. The download is available on their website.

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