Integrate the Ribbon in your own apps with Ribbon control

Microsoft have announced the availability of the RTW for the Ribbon Control for .NET.

The ribbon control is the control that powers the user interface overhaul in many applications in the Microsoft Office suite. The control is now available for developers to incorporate their own ribbon controls on supported platforms. The control supports WPF 3.5 SP1 and WPF 4.0, and includes all the features that you'd expect to match those in the Office apps. It includes contextual tab groups, which can be added and removed for various features, and the Quick Access toolbar which is used for Save and Undo functionality by default in Microsoft Office.

Additionally, the Ribbon control can provide an application menu with footer and auxiliary panes for even more options. Keytips functionality provides quick hints on keyboard shortcuts for accessing the menus you create, and some super-powerful tooltip functionality for the ultimate customisation and usability.

Before you use the ribbon in your own apps, it's worth checking out some additional resources. Microsoft have licensed this under a different license, so you had better check the Office UI Licensing page. On the good side, though, Microsoft have produced an Office Fluent UI guide for developers, which is worth taking a look at too.

You can download the ribbon control and sample projects now from the MSDN website.

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