F# Standalone Tools updated to version 2

Today Microsoft made available an update for its F# 2.0 Standalone Tools.

The tools provide the ability to use .NET 4 with the MSI and ZIP releases of F# 2.0. It means that anyone developing with the free-for-use versions of F# can now make use of the new features implemented on the .NET framework. In addition to this, the MSI allows F# to be installed with the Visual Studio 2010 Shell. The VS 2010 Shell is a free release, and combined with the F# release allows developers without Visual Studio to make use of F# and now .NET 4 without charge.

F# 2.0 Standalone Tools works with Mono on Linux and Mac as well as the .NET CLI for Windows; Microsoft recommends users of F# on Mono upgrade to this release.

F# is a programming language developed by Microsoft Research and first released in 2002; it is now maintained by the Microsoft Developer Division. It is multi-paradigm, in that it incorporates functional, imperative and objected-oriented programming paradigms.

Developers using the F# tools built into Visual Studio 2010 Professional or above need not download the update as it is already included in the release.

If you’re making use of F# in your development, Don Syme of the F# team at Microsoft wants to hear from you so that they may continue to develop F# in the direction their users need in their day-to-day development.

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