Run "any" language on Azure with AzureRunMe

Over the weekend, an upgrade to AzureRunMe was released, bringing it to version

AzureRunMe is an open-source project for Windows Azure that allows you to run code in pretty much any language you like on the Windows Azure Compute platform. The examples on their site include Java, Ruby, Python and Clojure, but if you can compress the entire runtime and application into a single directory and run from there you can probably manage it.

The project came about, says the author, because code samples already exist for running such languages in the Azure cloud, but he thought “there ought to be a simplified, standardised way.”

So by simply packaging your runtime and application in ZIP files and using the included tool to upload it to your Azure blob storage, the Application can then unzip them and run them on the Compute cluster. You can use tokens such as “%IPAddress%” in your code and they will be substituted for the actual values when the code is executed. Additional features include logging to tables with Windows Azure Diagnostics, and new in the latest version is support for CloudDrive and improvements in those logs and diagnostics.

The list of supported features and languages is fairly wide for the age of the project, and those and the full documentation, downloads and source may be obtained on the project’s CodePlex page.

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