CodeRush 2010 v2 landing soon, bringing huge range of features and improvements

Volume 2 of DevExpress’ CodeRush 2010 product has been announced, and features a wide range of improvements over Volume 1 released earlier in the year.

CodeRush is a popular Visual Studio plugin that allows ASP.NET developers write .NET applications more efficiently and productively. It contains a suite of tools that enhance Visual Studio, from visualisation tools to help you work with large and complex projects to clipboard and navigation tools for finding and managing code more effectively. It also includes templates, unit testing functionality, and an extensibility framework backed by a community of plugin creators.

The list of enhancements coming in the new version is extremely long, but the highlights are that there have been significant performance enhancements, from the rename and reference finding functionality to what DevExpress claims is the fastest Test Runner available for Visual Studio. There are also improvements to the test runner including Silverlight unit testing capabilities, and extra support for Nunit, MSTest, xUnit and more unit testing frameworks. There are new templates and enhancements to existing ones, support for .NET 4 contracts, extensive ASP.NET MVC support and new refactoring capabilities.

Find out more about CodeRush and its upcoming new release on the DevExpress site.

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