NuGet surprise update breaks OpenWrap, "open" standard not so open?

While NuGet, Microsoft’s package manager for .NET, steams ahead with development, some of the open-source community are crying foul at the methods used to release changes to the code that also breaks existing alternative implementations of the “open” standard.

The NuGet format for managing packages and their dependencies is also implemented in the OpenWrap project, which is an alternative open-source package manager for .NET that pre-dates NuGet. Once support was added for NuGet feeds in OpenWrap following the out-of-the-blue announcement of the then-called NuPack back in October, there has been “very little involvement” from the Microsoft team with the rest of the community, according to OpenWrap’s main developer Sebastien Lambla.

“The NuGet feed has had some more changes that have broken OpenWrap once more. As usual, this wasn’t quite documented anywhere nor did we get told about it in time for their release”, writes Lambla on his blog. “We are waiting on Microsoft to clarify what the changes are, to make sure we don’t implement it wrong. It’s very important, as while OpenWrap supports dependency levelling, NuGet doesn’t, and differences in behaviour between the two managers have to be levelled out somehow.” “In the meantime, a new version of OpenWrap is available that should continue functioning with the yet again new format.”

More information on the OpenWrap version which supports the new feed is available from Sebastien directly. Discussions continue on the NuGet website (1, 2).

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