Todd Gilmore

Was introduced to the very basics of programming back in say "1982" on my big brother's Atari 800XL hooked to a T.V Set. From there I went on to learn more with GW-Basic on my Top of the Line - "IBM XT / AT" Then that quickly went out - So I Graduated to using Qbasic & Quick Basic 4.5 in about the year "1990-1997" then later got bored with all that...And needed something more window based, and faster, with much needed mouse control etc. Thats when I discovered Visual Basic 5.0 CCE for windows. I played around with it for about 1 year now, and still don't get most of all the basic principles of it all with Proceedures, Attributes, Dimentioning Array's etc...But One must start somewhere !!!

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