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Past events

  • May C++ Meetup: Statistical programming with C++

    14-15 May 2013 in New York, United States

    Eric Schles will present on statistical programming with C++. Location details will be provided in early May. Depending on the location, we may up the attendance limit then.Abstract: Statistics in C++ can be useful because of the efficiency of the language.  Come take a guided tour of the fundamental constructs:  Starting with an introduction to distributions including how to visualize them in C++.  Next point statistics like means and standard deviations.

  • C++ programming for GPU

    24-25 Oct 2011 in , United States

    GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) have proven themselves to be outstanding numeric coprocessors for CPUs, sometimes offering spectacular gains (x10, x100, ...) in application performance. But programming GPUs -- and emerging many-core architectures -- brings with it many challenges. C++ is the language of choice for GPU programming. And if you are a practicing C++ programmer, GPUs are most definitely in your future! This meetup will help bring you up to speed.

  • On C++ study groups

    Fri, 23 Sep 2011, 21:00 - 23:00 in , United States

    I will suggest to have at least two study groups. Meetings will be based on the participant's experience, I don't think it will be optimal to lump everybody in one room (I'm not sure if a C++ pro will like talk to discuss about hello world)I think one group should focus in language centric topics and another group should focus more in software development using C

  • C++ 0x libraries (Part 2 of the talk from July)

    22-23 Sep 2011 in New York, United States

    Alisdair Meredith, who works at Bloomberg LP and is on the C++ committee will be speaking at the event for the second part of his talk from July. C++0x, which should be published this year, is the first introduction of new functionality to the C++ standard since 1998. It contains *many* new features in both the core language and the library. Most recent compilers already support some of the new functionality.

  • Beginner C++ Meeting

    5-6 Apr 2011 in New York, United States

    It would be great to have a meet up for those C++ beginners. I think members have a variety of different skill levels. I'm taking a course in C++ and would love to be part of a 'study group' to work on improving skills and proficiency with the language.

  • New York C++ Meetup #3

    28-29 Apr 2010 in New York, United States

    Presentation on Dynamic Typing in C++ by Mathias Stearn. Email [email protected] if you are interested in giving a lightning talk. Note: You must RSVP as we have to provide security with a list of attendees.

  • NYC C++ Meetup 2

    29-30 Sep 2009 in New York, United States

    If you would like to present at this meetup please contact us. 5 minute lightning talks also welcome. I will present on using MongoDB with C++ -- if others volunteer to talk I'll just make that talk a bit shorter.

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