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WinChat For .Net Platform is based on .Net platform beta 2 and is written in C#. You can use the program in any way you want. However, I provide absolutely NO GUARANTEE in any sense for this program.

In order to chat to a person, you have to notify him/her before the chat can begin. The notification can be done by typing the hostname or IP address of the workstation (where the person is located) you want to chat into the "Remote Side's Hostname or IP Address" TextBox, and press the "Notify" button. 4 possible things can happen after this:

  1. The called person is not involved in another chat session and is willing to chat with you. He/She will acknowledge your notification, and the chat session can now begin;
  2. The called person is not involved in another chat session, but he/she is not willing to chat with you. He/She will acknowledge your notification negatively. The chat session cannot begin. However, you can try the notification again, or you can try to notify another person;
  3. The called person is already involved in another chat session. You will get a negative acknowledgement in this case. You have to attempt to chat with this particular person again later;
  4. The remote side doesn't respond to the notification within 30 seconds. You will get a time-out acknowledgement. The chatting session cannot begin.

If you get a positive acknowledgement from the called person, and want to start chatting, you can start typing your message (less than 512 characters per message) in the "Type Your Message Here" TextBox, then press the "Send" button. You will see your messages in the "Your Message" TextBox, and the called person's messages in the "Remote Side's Message" TextBox.

After the chatting is done, either side can terminate the call by pressing the 'Hangup" button. After that, both sides can start another chat session with any other person.

When you are finished using this program, you can exit the program by pressing the "Exit" button.

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