WinChat For .NET


I have used WinChat in some occasions before, and thought that it might be a good starting point to learn C# by rewriting this little utility with it. I hope this program will be useful for someone who needs it, or at least useful as a learning tool.

Many articles I have read in these few months have compared C# to Java or C++ regarding to the easiness of writing useful programs, I am getting very curious about this language. After writing C# codes for a while (basically since Beta 2 was released), I am following in love with it. The class library is incredibly useful. And learning to write codes with this totally new language is really a joy ride. Although the performance is still an issue that Microsoft has to figure out before the final release, I think the Beta 2 release is already pretty close to what a next generation language ought to be like.

This is the first serious project that I have written in C#. Although I have tried my best to QA the program myself, it's still bound to be buggy. Please let me know of any bugs, and any suggestions you have for me to improve the program.

Finally, I have to thank many people from the dotnet discussion group and the dotnet newsgroup who have answered many of my questions. Those answers are really helpful, and they really ease my .NET learning in many ways.

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestion you have for me. I can be contacted at [email protected].

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