Implementing Error Logging


It is important to know what is going on with your site in development and production. By implementing proper error logging, you can quickly track down errors, and provide your team members with enhanced error information. With the new ASP Error object you can create a simple and effective logging system.

ASP Error Object

Did I tell you I love the new ASP Error object? It finally enables developers to control page execution. This object is used to retrieve details of the last error that occurred within an ASP page. Combine that with the ability to create custom error pages, and you have a pretty powerful tool within the development shack.

The error object consists of nine properties; however, I will only mention the properties used within the demo.

ASPDescription - returns a description for all non-ASP errors.
Category - the evil being, external object, or script that caused the error.
Column - column position of the rogue character.
Description - description of ASP error.
File - the ASP file that caused the error.
Line - the line number of the evil code.
Source - the actual evil code that caused the error.

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