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How do we web enable our C# application? First we need a web server. You can either use IIS (built-in to Windows 2000/NT/XP Professional), or Apache. Apache is the most popular and practical and easily configurable web server available on the internet. It can be downloaded from http://www.apache.org. Apache runs on most of the operating systems. After installation on the network drive or local drive, we see a number of subdirectories among which we see cgi-bin and htdocs. The cgi-bin subdirectory is used to contain executable files, while htdocs is used to contain HTML files. When your installation and setup configuration is successful (for help see the website), type the address as and press enter . We see a default page, placed in the htdocs directory, and see the apache server running !

Change the htdocs subdirectory and create an html file new.html, to display a form page as follows

<input type=submit value=search>

Now save this file! Open up your favourite browser and type, and press enter. We see results! A button with a text(caption) search, is on the page ...... !!!

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