ASP Server Code

This code resides in an ASP – Soap.asp, in the root directory of the web server.

Set objReq = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

'Load the request into XML DOM
objReq.Load Request

'Query the DOM for the input parameter
strQuery = "SOAP:Envelope/SOAP:Body/m:GetSalesTax/SalesTotal"
varSalesTotal = objReq.SelectSingleNode(strQuery).Text

'Calculate the sales tax
varSalesTax = varSalesTotal * 0.04

'Prepare the return envelope
strTmp = _
"<soap:envelope xmlns:soap=""urn:schemas-xmlsoap-org:soap.v1"">" & _
"<soap:header></soap:header>" & _
"<soap:body>" & _
"<m:getsalestaxresponse xmlns:m=""urn:myserver/soap:TaxCalc"">" & _
"<salestax>" & varSalesTax & "</salestax>" & _
"</m:getsalestaxresponse>" & _
"</soap:body>" & _

'Write the return envelope
Response.Write strTmp

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