Building Application Framework with C#


Frameworks are generalized and customized application, which can be built upon into a complete and fully functional software programs.

In recent years frameworks have been successfully implemented for some specific application domains, most notably user interfaces and data processing. A successful framework is a breakthrough because it means that developers no longer have to start from scratch: if a framework can successfully generate one user interface, it can generate any user interface.

For example, when using Java Applets and servlets, we just need to override some of the methods to set our code running. The Java Applet Programming model and the Java Servlets are built upon the Framework Pattern. Microsoft too has implemented the MFC Class Libraries upon the same Pattern.


I assume that the reader should be confident working with C#. Other than that If he/she has the basic understanding of Java Applet and Servlet so as to better understand the basic concept behind this.


The code is tested with .NET Framework Release Version running on Windows 2000. The application does not need a graphical interface therefore I used a notepad and the C# command line compiler to finish the code.

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