Building a Web Service - Start with the Design

Methods Exposed

So, getting down to the nitty gritty, our web service will expose the following methods for use by anyone who registers with us.
Rate Takes the information about a shipment necessary to calculate the shipping rates. The result from this method will be a list of the appropriate shipping methods and an estimate of the cost for each one.

Ship Generates the labels and any other documentation that isrequired for the shipment to be processed by the carrier.
CheckInventory Receives a list of inventory items and the quantities that are to be checked for availability. The result is a list of the same items with an indication of whether the requested quantity is available. As well, there will be an option that allows the specified inventory to be reserved.
ReleaseInventory Releases the specified allocation for an inventory item. A list of the inventory items to be treated in this manner will be provided.

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