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First of all, COM+ does revolutionize COM; it is not only a superior new version of the COM programming model it is also a new platform to design and develop components. In addition, COM+ Services in XP does have some differences from Windows 2000; also XP and COM+ 1.5 offer a richer set of services than was available in COM+ 1.0. This article will describe the basic component services on the XP.

COM+ can be used to implement mission-critical, enterprise-class, distributed applications based on the Microsoft Windows XP. In the last release, COM+ adds new features that are designed to boost the complete scalability, availability, and manageability of COM+ applications for both developers and system administrators. To make it easier to configure and deploy these new features enhanced documentation and new reference topics have been added to the Platform SDK documentation. Furthermore, Help topics have been updated in the Component Services administrative tool.

Microsoft Windows XP emerging with it the new version of COM+ that is called COM+ 1.5. This article describes the new features and capabilities in this new release. Microsoft has superior COM+ usability in many ways, and they have addressed a numerous the on hand pitfalls of COM+ 1.0. Microsoft also added new features to existing services. In addition it stands on the base for integration with Microsoft .NET services. Certainly, that COM+ 1.5 is fully backward compatible with COM+ 1.0 components and applications and that gives you the ability to use COM 1.0 components, which you develop them before.

You will need to use COM+ for several of reasons while you design and develop enterprise software. If you are a system administrator, you can install, deploy and configure COM+ applications and their components. If you are an application programmer, you can write components and integrate them as applications. If you are a tools vendor, you can develop or modify tools to more functional in the COM+ environment.

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