An Introduction to VB.NET and Database Programming


I am a beginner. I wanted to share some experiences with other beginners. The first frustration we have is finding a book that teaches us what we want to learn. When looking at beginners books we all want to avoid the books that are too simple, but can't yet crack the secret code the upper level books. I think there is some secret language that developers talk in; C# or something like that. The next few articles that come from my keyboard will be about my experience with teaching myself to develop applications in VB.NET.

The first thing I did was go out and get a copy of Visual Basic.NET. Then I decided that I would tackle two easy projects to start with. I learn best by doing, so choosing an actual project is necessary for me. The first project was a cook book, or recipe application. I eventually want to make a simple help desk.

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“It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC. As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.” - E. W. Dijkstra