Oracle8 and Oracle8i


Wouldn't life be a lot easier if everyone used the same operating system, the same Internet browser software and the same relational database? Unfortunately things aren't that simple, so we need to be as flexible as possible. This book introduces all the main databases and data sources that you, as an ASP developer, may come across. Here, we will cover one of the most important relational databases – Oracle .

In this chapter we will cover the basics of configuring a web server to connect to a remote Oracle8 or Oracle8i database, although many of the techniques apply equally well to previous versions of Oracle 7.x. We'll show you how to use the common ODBC Drivers and OLE DB Providers in conjunction with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to manipulate data stored within an Oracle database from within an ASP application.

We'll build upon each area by creating a collection of ASP scripts that will use the sample scott database schema showing how to retrieve and update data in a flexible and more importantly, scalable manner. We will finally cover the (unfortunately), advanced concept of retrieving recordsets from an Oracle stored procedure. Don't worry though, it's relatively easy to use scalar INPUT and OUTPUT parameters to return individual parameters from an Oracle stored procedure – which we'll also be covering in this chapter.

All of the SQL and ASP code for this sample application can be downloaded from the Wrox web site at

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