Visual Studio Next Generation: Language Enhancements

New Features

This next generation of Visual Basic will provide a first class object oriented programming language with new features such as inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Additionally, developers will be able to create highly scalable code with explicit free threading and highly maintainable code with the addition of modernized language constructs like structured exception handling. Visual Basic will provide all the language characteristics that developers need to create robust, scalable distributed Web applications with the following new features:

New object oriented programming features

Additional modernized language features

A History of Language Innovation
The Visual Basic language has a long history of updates that map to fundamental changes in the Windows® platform. For example, the significant changes made to QuickBasic® to support Windows 3.0 GUI development resulted in the first release of Visual Basic. In Visual Basic 4.0, the shift to COM-based programming resulted in language constructs for creating DLLs. And in Visual Basic 5.0, the language evolved to support the creation of COM controls.

With each successive revision, the popularity of Visual Basic has soared. The power that the new Visual Basic object-oriented language features provide developers building enterprise Web applications will most certainly continue this trend.

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