Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach
Gary Mak
23 Jun 2008
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Spring addresses most aspects of Java/Java EE application development and offers simple solutions to them. By using Spring, you will be lead to use industry best practices to design and implement your applications. The releases of Spring 2.x have added many improvements and new features to the 1.x versions. Spring Recipes: A Problem–Solution Approach focuses on the latest Spring 2.5 features for building enterprise Java applications. Spring Recipes covers Spring 2.

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The Spring Framework is the de-facto leading open source agile enterprise Java meta-framework and serves as an alternative to using J2EE/Java EE. With the release of Spring Framework 2 .5  by enterprise Java luminary Rod Johnson and the SpringFramework.org project (with support from Interface21), Spring continues its phenomenal growth in adoption.

And Spring is now easier than ever to learn. It’s even lighter and more agile. It promises fewer issues with XML and much more. Includes greater adoption and incorporation of Rails Web applications as well for those that need to integrate Rails applications as part of broader Java/Spring stack. And much more…

Spring Framework 2.5 Recipes by Gary Mak is the newest, latest Spring book from Apress and its Spring from the Source series. This book lets readers get down and dirty with Spring code for immediate copy/paste into the reader’s specific application development project.

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