Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java with JUnit

Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java with JUnit
Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas
01 Sep 2003
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Learn how to improve your Java coding skills using unit testing. Despite it's name, unit testing is really a coding technique, not a testing technique. Unit testing is done by programmers, for programmers. It's primarily for our benefit: we get improved confidence in our code, better ability to make deadlines, less time spent in the debugger, and less time beating on the code to make it work correctly.

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Customer Reviews

YesWeCan said
Buyer beware. This book does not reflect the many changes to JUnit implemented in version 4. I found it to be a very good book when it came out four years ago however.

Heejae Park said
pragmatic Unit testing in java save a lot of time to debug java code.

Cheng Lei said
JUnit Testing can really save you a lot of time debugging. This book provides a various way to work with JUnit.

P. Heath said
This is another fine book from the "Pragmatic Programmer" series. If you are doing Java development, but haven't gotten into unit testing yet, this is a great place to start. The book is a quick read - I made it through in two days. The book gives background on why unit testing is important and then tells you how to go about doing it with JUnit. The book has practical advice for the kinds of things to include in unit tests while it finishes with design considerations for make code easier to test. To get the most out of the book, you need to download the code from the author's web site and work through the exercises. It is great how they have taken a critical topic and made it extremely accessible. I highly recommend it.

uml_zepho_com said
This book is very good for a beginner to unit testing. I like the simple explanation of the different types of unit testing that must be done. This really helps a beginner to make sure that the tests are comprehensive.

Also it clarifies the intention behind use of mock objects. I would use the concepts in this book as a checklist to make sure the tests are written to cover all types of problems.

I gave 4 star only because it contains toy examples and does not go into too much detail on this very important topic. JUnit Recipes contains more realistic examples.

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