Definitive Guide to Excel VBA, Second Edition

Definitive Guide to Excel VBA, Second Edition
Michael Kofler
21 Jul 2003
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New in the second editon: Covers Excel 2000 to 2003 Explains how to access Web Services from Excel programs Shows you how to process lists and XML data with Excel 2003 Microsoft's Excel is not only a powerful spreadsheet and graphics tool&emdash;it contains a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which allows you to automate simple tasks and enables you to create full-featured applications that make Excel users even more productive.

Editorial Reviews

This book is definitive. Though assuming no knowledge of VBA or Visual Basic, it covers every aspect of Excel programming. The emphasis is always on solving problems that professionals will encounter in their daily work. Whether it is automatically displaying different views of data through pivot tables or accessing databases through ADO, the latest Microsoft database technology, it's all here. The final chapter provides a reference on Excel objects that is equally definitive. It is important to note that this book is not an advertising brochure for Excel. If there are problems with the Excel object library (and unfortunately there are many of them), they are explained. Whenever possible, Kofler explains a work-around. Still, this book gives the reader a comprehensive look at what you can do with Excel - and despite some problems, the range of possible applications is huge.

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