Manipulate CorelDraw layers


I started working with CorelDraw! 9.0 about 2 years ago, and found some practical functions were missing. Therefore, I have added these functions using VBA. I will post more subs and functions soon.


Page 2 - LayerExists - Check if a layer exists

Page 3 - LayerCreate - Corel VBA provides a function for adding layers, but that one reports an error when the layer already exists and stops the code.

Page 4 - LayerActive - This one is also available in Corel, but the same as LayerCreate, Corel doesn't check first if the layer exists...

Page 5 - LayerSingle - Very practical when you've got a lot of layers and want to edit or export only objects on one of them...

Any comments or suggestions? Please contact me!

All my posted Corel VBA subs and functions are for FREE, just let me know if this helped you in any way... and include me on the credits list when you start distributing ;-)

Have fun!

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