Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming

Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming
Jeffrey Richter
23 Jan 2002
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Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming is a tutorial. It's meant for programmers who already know an object-oriented language and want to apply their knowledge in the standardized environment provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Customer Reviews

J. Marx said
This is the best book I could find on Common Language Runtime (CLR) programming concepts. Richter really goes into detail on garbage collection, boxing model, and other important "under the covers" topics/gotchas. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to learn more about the CLR.

Nicholas M Turner said
If you are a beginner in .NET ( not to be confused with a beginner programmer ) this book is excellent. Unfortunately for me, I have been using .NET for several years. SO there we're only pieces here and there that I could use. But, he goes into extreme detail on every aspect for .NET. I love the book.

Its a must for at least a reference book. At the very least.

And by the way I dont do practice examples, I make my own. So if there are examples I have no idea if they work or not. And a books weight has nothing to do with some examples that the author thought up, while cashing his check!


Al Tenhundfeld said
If you want to understand fundamental topics like boxing, unboxing, or disposing better or understand what is really happening when an event gets raised, this is the best book you will find. Richter's knowledge is impeccable, and his writing style is clear. If an experienced developer wants to understand the inner-workings of the .NET framework, this is the first book he/she should read.

Pathik Desai said
Excellent book.Anybody who wants to understand the underlying concepts of .Net must read this book.

Damon Carr said
This is not the kind of book where you will immediately be copying code and being instructed to follow basic instructions to achieve a task. Rather this is a deeply rich book on the internals of the .NET architecture. I consider it required reading for anyone serious about moving towards .NET Mastery. Is it completely comprehensive? No. There are areas missing. Are these areas covered extensively in books that are more 'follow the instructions' type, absolutely.

I would add Juval Lowy's new book (2nd edition) to this, and you will know more then most in my experience. For more book recommendations see my 'so you want to' list under 'Damon Carr'.

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