VB.NET for AutoCAD 2010 - Level 1

VB.NET for AutoCAD 2010 - Level 1
Jerry Winters
05 Jul 2010
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VB.NET can be used to customize AutoCAD with nearly unlimited power and flexibility. And for those who have been customizing AutoCAD with VBA, VB.NET is the logical language of choice once VBA is completely phased out of AutoCAD.This book is the edited, updated, and revised version of the VB.NET for AutoCAD 2007 Customization book. It includes revisions to code to make it easier to read, and to bring it into conformity with currently-accepted best practices.

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Customer Reviews

Noam Rachmany said
All the important subjects including transactions entities selection sets and geometry are represented and explaind very well with detailed examples
you can simpley type the code and use it in a real project
very important there are advanced chapters about extracting imformation to and from all platforms like excel databases and dwgs.
I use this book AS a handbook during my job as an autocad programmer
highley recommended
Noam Rachmany

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