MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide
Kristina Chodorow, Michael Dirolf
17 Sep 2010
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How does MongoDB help you manage a huMONGOus amount of data collected through your web application? With this authoritative introduction, you'll learn the many advantages of using document-oriented databases, and discover why MongoDB is a reliable, high-performance system that allows for almost infinite horizontal scalability.

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Quietly extract JSON metadata contained within DOM elements.

Basic Usage

1. Include the scripts required:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="metadata-min.js"></script>

2. Store the data in DOM elements

<p id="one" class="someclass {itemid: 1, itemlabel: 'Label 1'}">This is p1</p>
<p id="two" class="someclass" data="{itemid: 2, itemlabel: 'Label 2'}">This is p2</p>
<p id="three" class="someclass"><script type= "text/javascript">{itemid: 3, item_label: 'Label 3'}</script>This is p3</p>

3. Retrieve using metadata

var dom = YAHOO.util.Dom;
var metadata = YAHOO.plugin.Metadata;

metadata.setType("class"); document.write( metadata.get( dom.get("one") ).itemid + ", " + metadata.get( dom.get("one") ).itemlabel + "<br />");

metadata.setType("attr", "data"); document.write( metadata.get( dom.get("two") ).itemid + ", " + metadata.get( dom.get("two") ).itemlabel + "<br />");

metadata.setType("elem", "script"); document.write( metadata.get( dom.get("three") ).itemid + ", " + metadata.get( dom.get("three") ).itemlabel + "<br />");

Using YUI Loader

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

var loader = new YAHOO.util.YUILoader({

    onSuccess: function() {

        var dom = YAHOO.util.Dom;
        var metadata = YAHOO.plugin.Metadata;

        // do something with metadata

    name: "metadata",
    type: "js",
    fullpath: "",
    varName: "YAHOO.plugin.Metadata",
    requires: ['yahoo', 'dom']



Documentions and demo

Please view the source code of this link:


Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, you can reach me at tszming at gmail dot com.

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