Clearing tables in Access

This example shows you how to clean up tables in MS Access 2000. Please note: This only functions from within Access, since it uses the DoCmd function.

Option Compare Database

Private Sub Form_Activate()
    [boxTables].RowSourceType = "Value List"
    For Each Item In Application.CurrentDb.tabledefs
        [boxTables].RowSource = [boxTables].RowSource & ";" & Item.Name
End Sub

Create an empty form with two controls, a combobox named "boxTables" and a button named "btnClearTable", then add the next code:

Option Compare Database

Private Sub btnClearTable_Click()
    Dim strSQL As String
    For Each Item In Application.CurrentDb.tabledefs
        DoCmd.SetWarnings warningsoff
        If Item.Name = [boxTables].Value Then
            strSQL = "DELETE " & [boxTables].Value & ".* FROM " & _
                [boxTables].Value & ";"
            DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL
        End If
        DoCmd.SetWarnings warningson
End Sub

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