Count Down

This code lets you count down the number of days to a specific date

Add the following code to a file named clock-js.asp. Then add the second set of code to a HTML file in the same folder and run it. Because the timer needs pictures to display numbers, you have to create some, or take the ones attached to this code. If you create them name them nmbr#.gif (0 – 9).

var nTime = new Date(2000, 8, 15, 3, 55, -3, 0);
var nTarget = Date.UTC(2001, 10, 29, 16, 47, 0, 0) + nTime.valueOf() - 968896375889;

if (document.all)
   window.setInterval('Tick()', 1000);
   window.setTimeout('Tick()', 100);

function Tick()
   var dNow = new Date();
   nTime = nTarget - dNow.valueOf();    // milliseconds until target
   if (nTime < 0) nTime = 0;
   nTime = Math.floor(nTime / 1000);    // seconds until target
   Display(document.cdDay1, document.cdDay0, 86400);    // seconds per day
   Display(document.cdHour1, document.cdHour0, 3600);    // seconds per hour
   Display(document.cdMinute1, document.cdMinute0, 60); // seconds per minute
   Display(document.cdSecond1, document.cdSecond0, 1); // seconds per second
   if (document.layers)
       window.setTimeout('Tick()', 100);
function Display(el1, el0, nDivisor)
   var nOnes;
   var nValue = (nTime - (nTime %= nDivisor)) / nDivisor;
   el1.src = "nmbr" + (nValue - (nOnes = nValue % 10)) / 10 + ".gif";
   el0.src = "nmbr" + nOnes + ".gif";


   <tr valign="top">
       <td align=center><b>Days</b></td>
       <td> | </td>
       <td align=center><b>Hours</b></td>
       <td> | </td>
       <td align=center><b>Minutes</b></td>
       <td> | </td>
       <td align=center><b>Seconds</b></td>
       <td align=center><img name=cdDay1 src=""><img name=cdDay0 src=""></td>
       <td> </td>
       <td align=center><img name=cdHour1 src=""><img name=cdHour0 src=""></td>
       <td> </td>
       <td align=center><img name=cdMinute1 src=""><img name=cdMinute0 src=""></td>
       <td> </td>
       <td align=center><img name=cdSecond1 src=""><img name=cdSecond0 src=""></td>
<script language="javascript" src="clock-js.asp"></script>

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