Counting down with JavaScript

You require 5 images named countdown1.jpg, countdown2.jpg on till countdown5.jpg each with repective digits on them, in the same directory as the script. When you load this page, after a delay of 2 seconds the images are displayed in the reverse order (from 5 down to 1) each after a delay of 1 second. This gives it a kewl effect of a countdown from 5 to 1 and then when it finishes a new blank window opens. The opening of a blank window was the simplest thing to use here. You can replace that with any other command.

I had used a slightly modified version of this countdown script during a press release of one of the websites I had developed. After the countdown the website opened in the new window. Of course it was accompanied with claps and wows from the crowd present there :-) The effects looked wonderful since I had used 5 animated gifs, with each of them showing a sort of transformation (morphing) from one digit to another.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">

var pics= new Array();

 pics[i]=new Image();

function img(){
if(x>0) setTimeout('img()',1000);
if(x==0) setTimeout("msg=open('','DisplayWindow')",1000);  

<BODY onLoad="setTimeout('img()',2000)">
<B>The countdown from 5 to 1 will begin in 2 seconds</B>

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