Formatting text received in E-Mail

Getting the macro on

First of all, open a new text document with Word.

Create a new macro and put this piece of code in it:

Sub adecuaFrases()
' Adecúa las frases de todo el documento. (Reformat all sentences in document)
'   -Elimina los espacios iniciales y finales. (Deletes pre and post extra spacing)
'   -Elimina el caracter '>' debidos a E-Mail (Deletes '> character due to E-Mail fwd)
Dim i As Long
   i = 1
   Do Until i > ActiveDocument.Sentences.Count
       With ActiveDocument.Sentences(i).Characters
           Select Case .First
           Case ebcAttach
               '->Eliminar la primera letra. (delete first character)
           Case Is <> UCase(.First)
               'La primera letra es minuscula (If first letter is lowercase)
               '->Eliminar el retorno de carro anterior. (delete carriage return)
               Selection.Start = ActiveDocument.Sentences(i).Start
               Selection.MoveLeft 1, wdCharacter
               If Selection.Text = "." Then Selection.TypeText ","
               Selection.TypeText ebcEspacio
           Case Else
               'Nada (do nothing)
               i = i + 1
           End Select
       End With
End Sub

Excuse me if the name of the macro and all the coments are in Spanish. I'm afraid it's my native language. :)

'FOOTNOTE by moderator. I don't speak a single word spanish, except perhaps Yo qiero Taco Bell.
'but I attempted to make a few english comments out of it anyway.
Back to the matter, you will need also this sub:

Sub trimSentences()
Dim i As Integer
   i = 1
   Do While i <= ActiveDocument.Sentences.Count
       ActiveDocument.Sentences(i).Text = Trim(ActiveDocument.Sentences(i).Text)
       i = i + 1
End Sub

And that's all!!! The macro is ready to be tested. Just paste some text you may have received and launch the macro!

I hope you find useful this little macro. I did.
All sugestions will be welcome,
     Carlos Iván

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