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Greetings, Developers.

This class started because I was developping a server monitor and I needed a way to detect if the server was down or not.

So the easiest way to know is pinging the server, right? Wrong. Well... almost.

I started searching the web and I found a code developped for C# and after a few bumps I converted to VB .NET and the code works fine, up to the point of performance.

I use System.Net.Sockets.Socket to create and send a Raw packet of data to send to the host. The send part works fine, but the response (when I lesten for the echo of the packet I just sent) takes ages to process. I've checked the docs on Microsoft about the System.Net.Sockets.Socket.ReceiveFrom to see if they have some insight about what's going on, and finally found a solution - here it is!


I have included an working sample of this class. Hope you like it.

Best Regards,

Paulo Silva Jr.

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