ASP Fractal

HTML Output

ASP Code


Dim depth,color,size

Call DrawFractal (depth)

Sub DrawFractal (depth)

<table border= "0" cellpadding= "0" cellspacing= "0"><tr><td>
<% Call Iterate (depth) %>
<% Call Iterate (depth) %>
<% Call Iterate (depth) %>

End Sub

Sub Iterate (depth)
    If depth > 0 Then
        Call DrawFractal (depth-1)
        Response.Write "<table cellpadding=""0"" cellspacing=""0"" " & _
            " border=""0"" height="""& size &""" width="""& size &""">" & _
            "<tr><td bgcolor="""& color &"""></td></tr></table>"
    End If
End Sub


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