How to “Snap” the Cursor

If you’re attempting to create that foolproof Windows application, one great technique to use is snapping the cursor to a particular control, thus anticipating the user’s next click.

The following neat little function does exactly that. Simply pass in a control to get it started: it’ll calculate the exact bottom middle location of the control and then snap the cursor to that position. Here’s the code:

Public Sub SnapToControl(ByVal Control As Control)
    ' Snaps the cursor to the bottom middle of the passed control
    Dim objPoint As Point = Control.PointToScreen(New Point(0, 0))
    objPoint.X += (Control.Width / 2)
    objPoint.Y += ((Control.Height / 4) * 3)
    Cursor.Position = objPoint
End Sub

And here’s how you might use this to snap to, say, a Button control:


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