Baltimore SharePoint User's Group Monthly Meetup

Baltimore SharePoint User's Group
21-22 Apr 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Baltimore, US

Join us for Thursday's BSPUG meeting as we welcome Rebecca Isserman
for a very informative session.

Hello all, hope the new year has started off well for everyone. Our next sessions is just on the horizon and it's time for the monthly BSPUG newsletter.

On January 21st we will be welcoming Becky Isserman to the BSPUG. Becky has will be traveling far and wide to give her session and we'd love to have you there. Jump over to the registration page and RSVP for the event http://www.baltimores...


Dazzling SharePoint with Silverlight: Creating Rich UI Objects with LINQ and the Client Object Model

In previous versions of SharePoint developers needed access to the server to create a Silverlight application, so that they could make proper configuration changes. In the new version of SharePoint a developer can create WCF Webservices and use LINQ to XML or harness the Client Object Model to bind SharePoint data to Silverlight Controls. In this session we will create a BCS List and bind the data from this list to a Silverlight control using both the WCF Webservice Technique and the Client Object Model.


Becky Isserman has been a SharePoint Developer since 2005 when she attended the Portal University with Levi, Ray, and Shoup in Springfield, IL. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD). She has been a web designer/developer since she was fifteen, hand coding HTML 3.0 websites in NotePad. She enjoys working with SharePoint 2007, because she can perform the roles of administrator, developer, designer, and architect. She has presented at over 15 events in 2008 and 2009. She ran the Kansas City Office Geeks from December of 2007 until December of 2009. She has helped run the two SharePoint Saturday events in the Kansas City area. She currently lives in Olathe, Kansas working remotely for B&R Solutions. She has helped out with several other events in Kansas City, such as the Day of Dot Net and Coders 4 Charity. She will continue to help out in the New Jersey .Net and SharePoint Communities. She lives with her two cats, Gambit and Rogue, plus her boyfriend, Johnny in Somerville, NJ.


Keep in mind to watch @baltsharepoint on twitter, or an update to this newsletter for updates on weather related information.

It's rare we alert of job opportunities however one of our sponsors Sogeti Baltimore is hiring SharePoint people ASAP. If you're interested drop Shadeed or Eric a heads up.

We have an awesome first quarter line up for you all, and as always each month we'll kick out a newsletter with an overview. Be sure to check the knowledgebase as well if you have any SharePoint related questions.

Doors open at 6pm. Food and beverages will be served.

Sponsor: UMBC Tech Center

Thanks for your continued support of BSPUG
Mr. Shadeed Eleazer , Eric Harlan

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