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  • 12 years ago

    I modified the code to accept an XML string instead of opening a file.


    Public Message As String

    Public Sub LoadXML()

    Dim d As New DataSet() 'Dim local dataset object for this method


    Dim XmlDataDocument As New XmlDataDocument

    XmlDataDocument.DataSet.ReadXml(New IO.StringReader(Message))

    d = XmlDataDocument.DataSet.Copy

    dg1.DataSource = d ' bind datagrid control to the local dataset object

    Catch exp As Exception ' catch any exceptions that may get thrown and display in messagebox

    MessageBox.Show(exp.Message.ToString, "Exception was caught", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)

    End Try

    ds = d.Copy 'copy local dataset object up to global dataset for persistance

    dg1.DataSource = ds 'reset datagrid datasource property to global dataset object

    dg1.Refresh() 'refresh datagrid

    dg1.Collapse(-1) 'collapse datagrid to get back to root node

    d.Dispose() ' dispose of local dataset object

    End Sub

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