Central Ohio .NET Developers Group - ASP.NET MVC 3 and GiveCamp

TechLife Columbus
24-25 Feb 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
8800 Lyra Drive , Columbus, US

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Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Microsoft building on Polaris Parkway in Columbus, Ohio.
The meetings start at 6:00pm and go until 8:00pm. Anyone interested is also invited to attend the geek dinner afterwards.


Topic: What's New in ASP.NET MVC 3


A quick overview of ASP.NET MVC then a discussion of some of the new features of ASP.NET MVC 3. Benefits and trade offs of ASP.NET MVC, primarily in comparison to WebForms,  and how to embrace it to make you more productive.  Some highlights of MVC 3 are new razor view engine, new validation enhancements working with jQuery validation, and common service locator. Additional frameworks that can be used to extend or enhance the development experience with ASP.NET MVC will be briefly spoken about to familiarize people with the options out there. Following with be a short demo of building a MVC site.


Travis focuses on .NET technologies with his day job, helping to keep enterprises truly interconnected in close to real time. Travis also contributes to and maintains a number of open source projects, primarily on the .NET platform. You can find out what Travis is currently working on in the open source world at his github page, http://github.com/legomaster. Travis also has a love for learning new languages and platforms.

Grok Talk Topic

Columbus Give Camp


The Columbus Give Camp (April 1st-3rd) is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations.  This custom software could be a new website for the nonprofit organization, a small data-collection application to keep track of members, or a application for the Red Cross that automatically emails a blood donor three months after they’ve donated blood to remind them that they are now eligible to donate again. The point is, Give Camp is a great way to give back to the local community by helping local non-profits while working with and learning from other developers, designers, architects and IT professionals that you might not otherwise get a chance to.

Give Camp committee member Bramha Ghosh will tell you more about Give Camp, how it works, how much fun it is and how when a few determined, passionate geeks get together, they can accomplish amazing things in the span of a couple of days. You will hear stories from the previous two Columbus Give Camps, see examples of the work that has been done find out how you can get involved.

Code and CONDG

The conference room behind the receptionist desk will be open and available for members who would like to spend their time at CONDG pair coding with other attendees. This will be a self-organizing session among the attendees; feel free to use the comments section to make arraignments to meet up and discuss things to work on before hand. Or, just show up and code! Whatever you feel comfortable with. This is YOUR time.

Please be advised that Internet access will not be available.

Pizza/Geek Dinner

Pizza will be provided as a snack during the meeting. A Geek Dinner will be held immediately after the meeting at Claddagh Irish Pub at 8745 Sancus Blvd., Columbus OH

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