Orlando: HTML5 Love + A Web Skunkworks Project

Now in Tampa and Orlando!

The Central Florida Web Developers User Group is now meeting in both Tampa and Orlando Florida!

Join us on the...


  • ...first Tuesday of each month in Tampa.
  •  ...last Tuesday of each month in Orlando.

We kick off our first Orlando, FL meeting with two presentations:

  1. HTML5 Love and the Future of the Web
  2.  A Web Skunkworks Project

Presentation #1: HTML5 Love and the Future of the Web

Presented by James Brown

HTML5 is here and isn't just hype any longer. The major browsers are already supporting it and if you don't start learning it, you could be left behind. We will review features and enhancements that are changing the web as we know it. This isn't some high-level overview. We're going dive right into code and look at examples you can use today. We'll also discuss how to code for backwards compatibility with older browsers. Lastly, we'll explore how to use HTML5 on mobile devices. You aren't going to want to miss this meeting!

Presentation #2: A Web Skunkworks Project: Building Web applications for Tommorow

Presented by Aaron Greenlee

The Web has evolved beyond simply loading a page into the browser. To help kick start the first Orlando, FL meeting Aaron is working on showcasing how multiple technologies can be glued togther to form the building blocks for your killer Web applications of tommorow. This session brings togther Adobe ColdFusion, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML5 and JavaScript including Backbone.js and jQuery to send, receive and store bytes all so that we may turn the pixles on the screen into a pretty pattern for your eyeballs.

 6:00pm - Doors open 
6:00pm - 6:30pm : Networking and Food 
6:30pm - 7:30pm : Presentation #1: HTML5 Love and the Future of the Web
7:30pm - 8:30pm : Presentation #2: Building Web applications for Tommorow
8:45pm - Doors close -- Everyone get out!

Who should come? 

Anyone interested in building Web applications that would like to learn new skills, meet likeminded people who enjoy building Web applications and geeks. 

Who should not come? 
This meeting will include two presentations and we expect will be of interest to people of all skill levels. The first presentation should appeal to all skill levels but may be a review to our more advanced memebers. The second presentation covers advanced topics but won't spend a great deal of time on reviewing code--so, even those with begginer level skills should enjoy the presentation without getting lost.

Not in Orlando, Florida? Join us online!

You can join us online! Around 6:30pm we will begin a Adobe Connect Session using the following URL: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/orlando-kickoff/ The meeting will be recorded and published within 24 hours.

About our second speaker -- James Brown:
James Brown brings 10+ years of experience to his roles as Founder of Gulf to Bay Technology and Development Director for WRECKINGBALL Media Group. He has built multiple internal and external projects for Adobe, including the international CS5 product launch websites, the development of Tour de ColdFusion, and was primarily responsible for leading his programming team to code and rebuild the Adobe’s popular site, Adobe TV. He has extensive knowledge in building internationalized websites, internally-used CMS systems, and is an expert in architecting and building large-scale, enterprise sites and applications. You can read his blog at www.coldfusioning.com and find him on Twitter @ibjhb

About our second speaker -- Aaron Greenle:
Aaron is a Senior Developer at WRECKINGBALL and is primarily responsible for writing ColdFusion, CSS and JavaScript for WRECKINGBALL. In June 2009, Greenlee founded the Central Florida Web Developers User Group (CFWUG) with a mission of continued professional and personal member development achieved through presentations, discussions and exercises to advance technical skills. Greenlee’s experience in the industry began at the age of 16 when he licensed and sold an expansion pack for the video game “Quake.” He continued in Web development for local and national businesses before moving into sales/business administration for a publicly traded RV Manufacturer where he spent five years in management. Following his passion for coding, he returned to Web development in 2008 and currently supports accounts such as Adobe and Time Warner Cable for WRECKINGBALL. Aaron publishes blog at aarongreenlee.com and can also be found on Twitter @aarongreenlee.


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