HTML5 and the RX Framework

Wed, 30 Mar 2011, 18:30 - 21:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bird in hand pub , Woking, GB

(with Mark Embling)

HTML5 is the latest iteration of the HTML standard we've all come to know and (possibly) love. So what has changed, what is new and what might this mean for us as web devs? This talk intends to answer these questions by giving a broad overview of HTML5, with a focus on the various new elements and APIs and what they abilities they give us.

Mark works as a software developer for the Sixth Form College Farnborough. He currently works with .NET (and Ruby in his spare time) having worked with PHP in the past. His blog can be found at and can be found on twitter as @markembling.


Streams of Streams - Your Rx Prescription
(with Ray Booysen)

With any complex application, dealing with many streams of data can become very complex, especially when multi-threading is introduced.
One of the solutions to this problem is the Microsoft Rx Framework. Built from the ground up to handle many streams of data in a well defined contract, Rx will blow you away with it's simplicity and power. Coupled with the power of LINQ and you have complete control of your data. This talk will go over the basics of Rx, how it is built, how you can use it in your apps, and even how useful it is in your tests. As usual, as few slides as possible, and as many code demos as possible.

Ray is a software consultant developing away in Canary Wharf. Ray has been working in software since 2000 years working in the accounting sector before focusing on Silverlight and the .NET technology stack. In the beginningof 2007, Ray co-founded the EdgeUG user group which combines interested parties from both the .NET framework and the Windows 7 OS. He is always looking for ways to get more people involved in the new technologies from Microsoft and show how it benefits everyone!

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