C#5 and FluentValidation

Wed, 27 Apr 2011, 18:30 - 21:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bird in hand pub , Woking, GB

DevEvening is 3 years old this month! To help us celebrate we've got two great speakers returning.

(with Jeremy Skinner)

FluentValidation is an open-source library that can be used to apply validation rules to .NET objects in a composable, declarative manner. In this session, Jeremy will demonstrate the basics of using FluentValidation to create validation rules as well as how FluentValidation can be integrated with ASP.NET MVC.

Jeremy Skinner is an independent software developer who has been working with .NET since 2005. He is a member of the Microsoft ASP Insiders and is co-author of the book "ASP.NET MVC 3 in Action" as well as being involved with several open-source projects, including FluentValidation and MvcContrib. His blog can be found at http://www.jeremyskinner.co.uk and is @JeremySkinner on Twitter.


Asynchronous methods in C#5
(with Jon Skeet)

C# 5 is coming, and many of us are eagerly awaiting it... while simultaneously getting on with our day-to-day work. How is this possible? Through the miracle of asynchrony. It would be crazy for us to stop everything while we waited for the next version, after all - but that's exactly what a lot of our code does at the moment. C# 5 introduces asynchronous methods into the mix, achieving the miraculous feat of allowing you to write asynchronous code which is still reasonably easy to follow.

In this session I'll do a quick introduction to the general nature of the feature, and then go deep in terms of what the compiler's doing behind the scenes... for most of the examples, I won't be using the library which comes with the CTP - we'll be building it ourselves.

If you haven't already looked at async at all, it would be a good idea to do so before the session - the less time I need to spend getting everyone up to speed on the basics, the more time I'll have to explode your heads with the details. Visit the Microsoft Async home page for more information and to download the CTP. (Note that the CTP doesn't currently work with VS2010 SP1.)

By day, Jon Skeet works on the Android Market for Google in the London office, mostly writing Java. By night, he tortures the C# compiler for fun, blogs a bit, does occasional screencasts and webcasts, and sometimes writes books. Oh, and he's been known to answer questions on Stack Overflow. Jon is almost entirely made out of artificial colours and sweeteners, and attending this talk will far exceed your RDA for waffle. It should be fun though.

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