Open Source Bridge

17-19 Jun 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
Oregon Convention Center , Portland, US

Open Source Bridge is a three-day open source developers conference, focused on bringing people from a range of technology backgrounds together to share their knowledge and explore what it means to be an open source citizen.

In order to create a conference that promotes cross-pollination as well as providing space for in-depth discussion, the tracks are divided into the following five areas:

Cooking: Useful recipes for software development, systems administration, and working with open source.

Chemistry: Understanding how our systems work, in order to improve and extend.

Business: Building open source businesses that thrive.

Culture: Exploring how open source extends through technology into our communities.

Hacks: Tinkering, experimenting and bending the rules to make hardware and software do what we want.

The final day of the conference will be structured in an unconference format, to allow participants to reflect and build on the previous days' discussions.

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